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Here is a list of weekly dance classes offered by LKF

Tuesday CSG Salsa & Kizomba

7pm - 8pm Cuban Salsa Class

8pm - 9pm - Kizomba

at the Irish Community Centre, Catford London SE6 2AZ

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Hand In Hand Brixton
Thursday Night Salsa Club

Salsa Club in Brixton Hill every Thursday From 8pm - Salsa Class

Kizomba Club

9:30pm - Midnight - Salsa Social Dancing

at the Hand In Hand Brixton

61 New Park Road, Brixton Hill,  London SW2 4EN

The best salsa & kizomba tunes by DJ Peacekeepa

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Hand in Hand Salsa2.jpg
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LKF KizSalsaLine Dance Matinee

To Be Advised

Salsa kizomba & Line Dance class and social dancing on a Sunday afternoon.

4pm - 8pm social dancing and classes

Come with your family and friends

Just have fun

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